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When Running a Business You Need Sleep Discipline

When running a business, it's good to be disciplined around sleep, diet and exercise. This enables us to manage, not just the daily highs, lows, stresses and strains of our business, but helps create a buffer against the onset of more serious matters like anxiety and depression.

This week, let's look at a few tips regarding sleep: 
• Try to get out of bed as soon as you wake. Don’t go back to sleep or try to make up for ‘lost sleep’.
• Get outside during daylight hours for both the fresh air and the daylight. Responsibly spending time in sunlight helps stabilise our body’s sleep and wake cycles.
• If you are worrying about something during the night, set aside some time for problem-solving during the day; write your problems down.
• Avoid caffeine after 4pm and try not to drink more than two cups of caffeine-type drinks each day, e.g. coffee, tea, cola or energy drinks.
• Avoid taking alcohol to help with sleep.
• Make the bedroom quiet, dim and cool. Avoid all technology and distraction, e.g. TV, phone, I-Pad.
• Avoid too many blankets and electric blankets. If you’re too hot, you won’t go into a ‘deep sleep’.

There are many websites to chose from offering help and advice on the subject of sleep. Reinforcing some of the above tips, try this one on sleep education by the American Alliance for Healthy Sleep.

Ted Beecher
BLA Director


Lack of Work Life Balance...A Key Reason for Small Business Failure

With 97 percent of all businesses in Australia being classed as 'small', according to the most recent survey undertaken by the Australian Bureau of Statistics, more than 60 percent of small businesses cease operating within their first three years of starting.

One of the reasons is the inability to maintain good work-life balance. According to a study by insurance provider, Simply Business, half of those surveyed cancel social plans at least once a week, 25% take less than 10 days annual leave and that same percentage have fallen ill due to stress and overwork. In saying that one in four people experience mental illness each year, Mind, an NDIS mental health specialist, maintains that it is imperative that business owners keep a close eye on their wellbeing.

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