Our Language Is The Rudder That Steers Our Strategic Course

Imagine a large ocean liner plying its way across the sea driven by mighty and powerful winds. In order for it to reach its ultimate destination safely and on time, it has to be steered by a relatively small rudder. Similarly, the tongue is a small part of our body yet it is so powerful through the way it delivers the words that translate from our inner being. If that inner being defaults to the positive things in life, especially in the face of adversity, it means that the equivalent of that ocean liner's destination, i.e. our vision and goals, will be faced with a more determined and 'can-do' approach. Importantly too, that positivity is infectious and will spread amongst our teams and other stakeholders allowing them to participate more effectively and supportively on the journey.

By saying our tongue represents our choices in language, and whether that language comes over positively, negatively or indifferently, the other choice we have is where we pitch our language. When that pitch takes us into the realms of our vision and goals of the future, it provides perspective and positions the current reality, or the 'today' shape, of our business: where are we at, how are we doing? Asking all those sorts of questions, enables us to review our navigational (strategic) course and then reset the rudder.

Staying with our seafaring analogy, this is all very well if that course remains unaffected by the elements, like wind, storms and currents. Rarely is this the case, just like our business being bombarded by the effects of change leaving us with the question namely, 'Do we need to change course, in other words our language, remembering our tongue is the equivalent of that ship's rudder?

Safe sailing!

Ted Beecher
BLA Director