Good Enough For The Astronauts Then Good Enough For Small Business Owners!

More than just the one small step for man.......................

So, this July we've been celebrating 50 years since the first moon landing and, for some of us, it will have very clear and specific resonance, especially if we were around at the time. For others, it maybe a case of simply, 'Oh yeah......... next?'

The link below is fascinating but, for the moment, we'll just concentrate on point 1. Life insurance for the astronauts wasn’t an option so they came up with an alternative plan to sign hundreds of autographs for each of their families so their loved ones could make some money by selling their signatures in the event of something going wrong! In a way, it serves as a reminder to small business owners that we need to support our plans and budgets with careful consideration towards the things that could disrupt or harm our forward endeavours. Likewise we may need to ask what do we need to do to mitigate those things.

When asking himself these very questions, Neil Armstrong's initial approach was to explore the insurance option. go! This was due to the unimaginable premiums to cover risks spanning the unknowns of the Universe with no precedence at the time. So, read what the 3 astronauts did to protect their respective families' well being should the mission have failed catastrophically.

Are there actions, even remotely similar, that we should build into our business plans? By the way, whilst not 100% PC in one part and requiring a strong stomach in another, do read the remaining 10 points proving it really was more than just 'one small step for man'.

Ted Beecher
BLA Director