What is business life australia?

The challenges small business owners face are not just financial but also physical and deeply emotional. Business Life Australia supports small and micro business owners by coming alongside them, providing perspective and a roadmap to a different, more favourable outcome.


The Business Life Australia (BLA) program is the concept of two professional advisors - Andrew Blunden FCA (Finance and Accounting) and Jonathan Brake (Marketing and Business Development). 

The idea for BLA emerged from their individual professional experiences in establishing, managing and assisting small to medium enterprises around Australia.  It was clear to them that the services offered to struggling businesses did not focus on how to support and coach the business owner, but rather only focuses on the operational and legal aspects of the business entity. 

So Andrew and Jonathan introduced the BLA concept to Bill Trestrail and Mike Smith, and it was agreed that a more holistic solution needed to be offered to the Australian business community. Consequently, the Board of Business Life Australia Limited was formed in January 2011 and the BLA program was launched at Mt Tambourine in Queensland. The BLA program has since expanded to New South Wales, and we are looking to take the program national. 

Business Life Australia Limited helps businesses, and importantly their owners, through those most uncertain times in their business life. Business Life Australia is about helping to turn businesses around, before it is too later, or at the very least, managing the closure of a business so the business owner is supported during this difficult time. Unfortunately, many business owners do not realise the serious issues they face before it is too late, and if they do know they have a problem, they don't know who to turn to. That is why we created Business Life Australia.

So what's different about us?

Our ethos is to support the people who run the business, not just the business entity. We recognise the human element of any business and the ramifications of winding up a business and the impact that has on the owner, their family, their staff and creditors. 

So, at each step of the BLA program clients are offered personal support, counselling and pastoral care to help them find hope in the difficult situation, and manage the people around them, such as family, staff and creditors. 

Our goal is, even if a business is terminal, the business owner, their family and the people that depend on them (both personally and commercially) will survive this difficult period with support and hope. 

Why do we do what we do?

Many individuals enter into a business not realising the risks they face both to their personal resources, their time and, the social impact if their business encounters hard times. The fact is many business owners in Australia are not equipped from a financial, educational and experiential perspective to run a business. This lack of credentials and business education is particularly evident when a business suffers financial stress and insolvency. Running a business is a risky venture. There are many casualties when winding up a business, which include financial, societal, personal relationships and health. 

The financial impact on employees and business owners is often significant. 

The national interest suffers due to the compounding effect of any unpaid taxes, individuals entering the social welfare system and health costs from the additional business stress during difficult times. 

The emotional stress of a declining business puts pressure on the business owner, and their family. 

The high costs charged by professional liquidators, lawyers and advisors often result in very little remaining for the unsecured creditors who are frequently small business owners in their own right